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Find the very latest in collaboration tools right here! Dial a video conference, join a web conference or Innovate on a whiteboard. We sell, configure, deploy, service and support audio-visual systems. We also offer digital signage for indoor/outdoor displays and messaging.

Still calling IT for help before presentations or conferences? Need a quality, 'IT-free' Sound System for the school gym or auditorium? Tired of wheeling an A-V cart around and making all the connections? Our job is to deliver a high-fidelity audio-visual package that's 'IT-free' with plug'n'play operation, and doesn't require a manual to operate every time. We believe "simple" beats "complex" every time - and won't try to sell you more than you need or want.

EmbarkIT offers audio-visual packages that are device and protocol agnostic solutions, freeing users from worrying about hardware and software compatibility issues. The solution can easily connect and interface with professional and consumer-level audio/video conferencing solutions. We offer a hubware solution. The familiar software, hardware and applications that collaborators use everyday are brought together in one system; platform agnostic and built on open architecture for complete compatibility and interoperability. Every meeting is unique, collaborate the way you need to.

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What we offer
  • A quality, efficient audio-visual system
  • Professional installation and configuration
  • A customized solution for your needs


Our end of the bargain
  • Ordering all equipment
  • Testing and installation of the system
  • Installation of cabling and conduits essential to the A-V system or signage
  • Documentation of equipment and technical support


Benefits to you
  • Eliminate constant calls to IT for help
  • Quality collaborative tools
  • Exercise your creative side, not your technical side


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EmbarkIT has audio-visual installation experience with government facilities, schools and private enterprise.
Bona fides available upon qualified request.

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* EmbarkIT now offers Sound Masking

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