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HelpIT Help Desk

Welcome to the Midwest's premier Help Desk!  HelpIT has been created to serve business, government, education and healthcare with IT issues. Clients are charged by the quarter hour (non-contract pricing - agreements are available). We offer vendor-certified technicians and engineers located in West Des Moines, IA.

HelpIT hours: 8am–5pm Monday through Friday (Central Time), except holidays.

About HelpIT
HelpIT is a full-service Help Desk providing you with troubleshooting/resolution to technology related problems. The HelpIT team provides efficient, friendly and knowledgeable help for problems related to computers, servers, viruses, email, connectivity and more. HelpIT is staffed by vendor-certified technicians with a wide knowledgebase and extensive experience. HelpIT can troubleshoot most incoming service requests without having to send a technician onsite, which saves you, the client, time and money. The goal of HelpIT is to expedite your issue with timely and satisfactory resolution. Call today!  866·440·1451


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HelpIT Help Desk Hours

M-F  8am–5pm (Central Time)

Phone:  866 · 440 · 1451

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HelpIT Frequently Asked Questions

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What We Support Antivirus Software ... Apple Computer Products ... Backup/Storage Issues ... Email Packages ... Firewall Failures ... Microsoft Products ... Network Security ... Notebook/PC/Laptop Issues ... Other ... Patch Management ... Printer Problems ... Router/Switch Issues ... Servers ... Spyware/Malware ... Wireless Connectivity

Help Yourself

  1. Provide a complete description of your problem. This is especially important when reporting an issue via email.
  2. Backup your data in more than one place.
  3. Record error messages exactly as they appear for future reference and troubleshooting.
  4. Report what you were doing when issue occured, what programs were running and the system you use (PC, Mac or Linux).

Live Remote Assistance
Do you need quick resolution to a technical issue? With our live remote-assistance tool, a member of our support team can view your desktop and share control of your keyboard and mouse to get you on the way to resolution.

How To Get Support
A member of our support team will talk with you first to determine the nature of the issue.
You will find the answers to security questions and system requirements on our FAQ page.

How It Works
Step 1: Once you are on the phone with a member of the support team, you will be directed to a secure webpage to obtain a Client ID number, which, when shared with the support-team member, will initiate a secure screen-sharing session.

Step 2: With your permission, your support representative can view your screen and share control of your keyboard and mouse.

Step 3: You are in full control of your computer at all times. You always have overriding control of your keyboard and mouse, and you can end the screen-sharing session at any time.

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