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Why do business with EmbarkIT?

Honesty. We are proud of the business we're in and the trust we've earned from our clients. EmbarkIT's philosophy includes understanding both the client's business and needs, then redefining problems and devising workable solutions. Our experience with government, school systems and private enterprise has allowed us to handle a variety of difficult tasks with creativity and independent thinking. Our passion and satisfaction comes from providing positive results - not in selling you products/services that aren't needed.

Targeted Small Business
Woman Owned
Experienced/Knowledgeable Sales Staff
Hardware/Software Sales
Security Camera Systems
Physical Access Control Systems
Sound Management (Sound Masking)
Network Integration
Wireless Networking
Security Solutions
Storage/Backup Solutions
Power Products/Solutions
Authorized Repair Service
Staffing for Weekends/Evenings
National Service Network

What we do...

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