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Access Control

Whether you need a system that complies with federal security regulations or your organizational standards, EmbarkIT will deliver a Physical Access Control System (PACS - also referred to as Electronic Access Control) to match your needs. We currently work with cloud or app-based PIV Card Systems, (Personal Identification Verification) - usually a coded credential, or 'security badge' which is scanned by a reader and verified by the system, thus allowing or denying access to a secure area. With your choice of several security & capability levels, we procure, test and install the system components, including the installation of system-related conduits and cabling. Combine a PIV system with a security camera system for a truly robust security/monitoring system.
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What we offer
  • An efficient access control system that provides constant authentication and regulation of access to physical premises.
  • Professional installation and configuration.


Our end of the bargain
  • Ordering all equipment
  • Testing equipment and software
  • Installation of cabling and conduits
  • Installation of cloud or app-based PIV system
  • Documentation of equipment and technical support


Benefits to you
  • Improve premise security
  • Instantly detect and respond to incidents
  • Remotely monitor premises
  • Increase workplace safety
  • Promote peace of mind


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EmbarkIT has sytems-installation experience with federal, state and local government facilities (including schools), as well as private enterprise.
Bona fides available upon qualified request.

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