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EmbarkIT,Inc. has the green solution to the proper disposal of dated/obsolete hardware & equipment.  We recycle equipment in the most environmentally-responsible manner, and offer a "Certificate of Recycling", which certifies that all electronics were received and properly recycled on a specific date.  If there is sensitive information such as Hard Disks or tapes involved, we offer a "Certificate of Destruction".  Tapes are shredded and drives are degaussed.

All equipment and components will be processed and recycled according to all applicable local, state and federal guidelines.

  • CRT / CPU / Servers / Desktop Printers / Fax
  • Quantity quotes available
  • Certificate of recycling
  • Certificate of destruction
  • Materials are not shipped out of the US
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Call 515 · 440 · 1451 today, for estimate



 Printers / Faxes / Copiers  Monitors / CRT's / Televisions
Small deskjets, desktop 18" or Less
Large table top printers 19" to 25"
Very large stand alone 26" to 32"
CPUs with no need of hard drive destruction 33" or larger
CPUs with Hard Drives (for certificate of destruction to be degaussed & shred) Misc. Electronic Devices
Hard drives / Tapes / Thumb Drives (with certificate of destruction to be degaussed & shred) Cords, Mice, Keyboards

If you have large quantities or require pickup; Please RSVP for estimates.
*We will accept business or home user items.
*Business accounts will be invoiced with net 30 terms.
*Home-users will require check or credit card

Thank you for going green!
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