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Audio Visual  Find the very latest in collaboration tools right here! Dial a video conference, join a web conference or Innovate on a whiteboard. Combine top of the line HD video conferencing, an advanced interactive whiteboard and a full-featured core i5 Windows 7 PC all in one package for the ultimate collaboration suite. This unique solution lends educational institutes and organizations the ultimate productivity workhorse to drive their meetings, presentations and classroom lessons. Sporting top of the line components, It features a 60-inch multi touch flat panel, which provides the ultimate canvas for interactive whiteboarding, collaboration and HD video conferencing. Touch gestures and an intuitive user interface enable manipulation of information in a seamless manner and takes your presentations to a different level. This package comes with advanced infrared sensing technology that leads to highly responsive touch operation.

The packages we offer are device and protocol agnostic solutions freeing users from worrying about hardware and software compatibility issues. The solution can easily connect and interface with professional and consumer-level audio/video conferencing solutions. We offer a hubware solution. The familiar software, hardware, and applications that collaborators use everyday are brought together in one 60" or 70" touch screen; platform agnostic and built on open architecture for complete compatibility and interoperability. Every meeting is unique, collaborate the way you need to.

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EX5220 Wireless XGA 3LCD Projector  The Wireless Projector with Simple Setup and Proven Performance The EX Series ensures compelling presentations. The EX5220 offers a fast wireless connection to your iPad©, iPhone©, AndroidTM tablet/smartphone2 and laptop. With convenient HDMI connectivity, it also delivers digital video and audio with just one cable. Plus, Epson's Simple Setup Suite, a host of innovative features, enables flexible positioning and rapid setup in any venue. It's the perfect solution for professionals whose presentations demand proven performance.

  • Includes digital, HDMI audio and video connection, for HD quality with just one cable
  • High-speed LAN module for easy connection to notebooks or mobile devices
  • Wirelessly project from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android mobile device.


Epson widi
Epson projector

Netgear PTV3000 Push2TV

Netgear PTV3000 Push2TV wireless display adapter enables you to mirror whatever is displayed on your Intel WiDi and Miracast supported smartphone, tablet, or laptop screen on your HDTV, wirelessly, up to 1080p video resolution. Using standard Wi-Fi technology, your smartphone, tablet or laptop screen is displayed on your TV without the need for cables stretching across your room. You can browse the Internet, play your favorite online videos, and enjoy a slide show of your photos wirelessly on your big screen TV, without having to connect your device to the TV using HDMI or A/V cables.

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netgear PTV3000

The Analog Sunset is here...

Are your AV Systems about to become obsolete?
It's official. The Analog Sunset is here. This an opportunity to embrace the digital age, improve your organization's communications systems and enhance your ability to collaborate. If you do nothing, this change will prove to be a disaster. If you prepare appropriately, this change will be a big opportunity.
The AV industry is dropping VGA in 2015 and organizations from the boardroom to the classroom need to change. You might not be able to replace everything at once, but it's time to start the conversion to digital. The question is, "change to what?" There are plenty of contenders; HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, Mini DisplayPort. HDMI seems to be the heir apparent. EmbarkIT can help you 'futureproof' & adapt to the digital age right now!

What is the Analog Sunset?
Technically, the Analog Sunset refers to a portion of the Advance Access Content System (AACS) license agreement adopted by content owners and device manufactures to insure copyright protected content, like Hollywood Movies, is not illegally copied and distributed. Non-Technically, the Analog Sunset is the continuing demise of analog connections. Most notably for AV systems, VGA and Component Video Connections will no longer be offered on new equipment. This includes new laptops starting in 2014. Wondering if your AV System is Analog or Digital? Chances are you have an Analog-only system, if your system was not installed in the last couple of years.

What is happening to VGA connections?
The biggest impact to AV systems will be the changes made to Laptops manufactured after 2013. Both of the two main chip manufactures for laptops (Intel and AMD) have announced that after 2013, they will no longer produce laptop PC chipsets with an Analog Video output. This means starting in 2014, new laptops will not have a VGA connection. Some may have already experienced this with Apple Macbooks which have not had analog connectors for several years and require an adapter to be used with an Analog System. There is also the proliferation of the use of smartphones and tablets to prepare for, as none of those devices have analog capabilities.

What Connectors are replacing VGA?
There are lots of digital connectors out there (HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, Mini DisplayPort, Mini HDMI) and the industry is still undecided on what will be the standard connector. The leader right now and best bet to become the digital standard is HDMI. The good news is that HDMI, DisplayPort, and DVI are all based on the TMDS standard and can easily be adapted from one to another, so HDMI-compatible cables and switchers will handle them all.

What to do?
If you are already planning on upgrading your system or if you are building a new system, your timing is perfect. Today's technologies allow the construction of a fully digital routing system with the ability to ingest and convert legacy analog inputs (like VGA, RGBHV, and RGB) to a digital signal. This type of systems allows you to embrace the latest technology while still accommodating older laptops and devices that will continue to be used for the next few years. It is truly a best of both worlds solution. If you have an existing analog only AV system, there are peripheral devices that can be used to convert digital signals to analog that will allow you to extend the life of your analog system. The only drawback to using Digital to Analog converters is they are not HDCP compliant and you will not be able to run Copyright protected content (Blu-Rays) through your system. If all you use your system for is to show PowerPoint presentations, you will be able to stretch the useful life of your Analog System much farther.

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