Technology as a Service: What Does it Mean?

By Tony Messerschmidt

Technology investments can be pricy – and risky. You’ve probably experienced it firsthand as you picked out your last smartphone or laptop. Just when you decide what you want and make the leap, technology changes and your device is outdated.

The same thing can happen with enterprise technology investments, too. You spend lots of time and resources on the decision – and perform due diligence – taking care to select the system you want, which will come out of your capital budget. Within a few months, something inevitably “better” comes along, whether you’re considering digital signage, security cameras, paging systems, or new computers for your team.

In the past, you purchased the technology systems you wanted, worked with what you had, and kept systems updated and functional for as long as possible. Today, however, there’s a way you can get the technology you need with the assurance of knowing it will always work, always be up to date, and always fit your requirements.

Technology as a Service = Technology Serving You

Instead of purchasing technology and hoping you don’t over- or under-purchase, Technology as a Service lets you purchase access to the technology resources you need in order to meet current needs and requirements. The best part? It doesn’t come out of capital expenses. Instead, these investments roll up under your operating expenses, making them more affordable, easier to budget (with predictable monthly expenses), and fully tax deductible.

If your technology requirements change – because your staff grows or shrinks or you roll out a new client offering, for example – your technology resources can be scaled up or down to keep up with demand. This way, you’re only paying for your current needs – no more and no less. If you decide you want new features, they can be added (or removed) whenever you want. Hardware, software, and services are all included as part of your customizable technology “subscription.”

Your technology systems will always be updated, secure, and operating using the latest software versions available. You’ll also decrease the number of technology systems and devices your team is responsible for maintaining and repairing. If a problem arises, then troubleshooting and repair are automatically handled by the partner that provides your Technology as a Service.

What kinds of systems can you purchase as a service? Almost anything! A few examples:

  • Rooms as a Service (hosted and supported collaboration technology for meeting roomsand huddle spaces)
  • Surveillance as a Service (hosted and supported video surveillance, including recording, storage, remote viewing, alerts, etc.)
  • AV as a Service (hosted and supported AV systems, from intercoms and paging systems to projection technology and videoconferencing)
  • Digital Signage as a Service (hosted and supported systems, hardware, and messaging)

Whatever you need – you can get it through Technology as a Service.

Technology as a Service Offerings from Embark

We’re excited to offer Technology as a Service to help you obtain the technology you need at a reasonable price, without worries about it becoming obsolete or outdated. Get all the technology you need – all from one place.

You can bundle hardware (from our many different technology partners), software, and services into a single subscription price that gives you one number to plan and budget for. As your technology needs and business change, you can easily scale up and down throughout the course of the subscription term.

Want to learn more? We can show you some options and provide pricing estimates so you can see how Technology as a Service is a realistic and beneficial opportunity. Send us a note to get started!

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