Audio Visual Solutions

Audio Visual Solutions
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Professional Audio Visual equipment is “the hidden difference that can make all the difference” for your organization.  The right technology brings polish and professionalism to every project and presentation you create.  At Embark IT, we understand you need easy-to-use solutions with the versatility to convey your message efficiently and effectively in person as well as virtually to enhance your audience’s overall experience.  Every room or space in your business presents its own unique challenges.  Our expert team ensures you have the best system for your space.

Experience the brilliance and reliability of the most up-to-date technology for your video needs.

We design custom video solutions, from engaging digital signage and wall displays, to integrated content distribution and networked video.  Your high definition solution will be created utilizing top-performance projectors and TVs like Epson, LG and Samsung.

We are proud to provide digital signage solutions from Screen Cloud and Brightsign, that are hassle-free and make video technology work for your business.

Sound clarity is key for effective communication and business operations.  We provide the best professional mixers and AV Controllers from partners such as  QSC and Harmon Sound.  Whether for a classroom or boardroom, auditorium or bustling office, we have the solutions needed in networked audio, acoustic modeling, sound masking, and assistive listening.  Do you need an intercom or paging system for your retail store, office or school? No problem.  We will make sure you are clearly heard.  Period.

Video conferencing is not just for large corporations anymore.

Our ever-changing and fast paced world relies on effective virtual communication and video calls. Your business will come through loud and clear as we customize a solution for your interactive learning, video conferencing, or corporate meeting space.