As a client-focused technology firm, Embark offers technology solutions focused on your needs. With our breadth of knowledge and expertise we resolve your pain points and increase innovation so that you can do what you do best.

Our approach:

Evaluate your needs and current capabilities.

Recommend the most effective and reliable solutions.

Efficiently install your solution, streamlining implementation to respect the needs of your team and your clients.

We always stand behind our work. Plus, we offer several options for continued system maintenance and enhancement.

Managed IT Services

Embark is committed to providing extraordinary service, bringing you the best of the best for technology and protection. As proud partners of the fantastic four, we are connected to these manufactures in bringing innovative solutions to you, our valued client.

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Audio / Visual

We bring the power of advanced technology to your facilities so you can collaborate with ease.

Our cutting-edge conferencing, presentation, and communication systems create environments where clients can hold conversations with anyone, anywhere; operate with greater productivity; and remove hassles of involved setup and unexpected errors.

We recommend leading solutions that offer clients innovative capabilities and the latest technology without complicated instructions. Easy operation eliminates wasted time and frustration spent getting programs up and running when you need them most.



Our configured infrastructure systems let you securely store, use, and transmit data.

Network and email security, remote access capability, reliable backup measures—they are all top of mind as we learn client needs and produce custom solutions to address them. The result? Reliable connectivity and performance that keeps your organization running smoothly.

We understand that you cannot serve others well without the proper systems in place and take pride in setting up solutions that allow you to perform at the highest levels.


Physical Security

Is your business ready for the physical threats that could impact your clients? Embark can help provide you with customized solutions to ensure your most valuable assets – people – are secure.

We utilize top products from premium manufacturers such as Bosch , Axis, and Lenel.

Innovative Security Technology & Progressive Solutions to protect your most valuable assets. The people who work for you and the clients you serve.

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Solutions include:

  • Mutli-use Security Cameras that also provide marketing and traffic information
  • Keyless Entry Points
  • Body Camera
  • Panic and Alert Buttons
  • Easy to use, access control scalable software for small to medium sized business with high security requirements
  • Simple response solutions for multiple building access points
  • Professional end-to-end surveillance and security for all size of systems and locations
  • Wireless help-call system to locate and track people or objects as needed for security