While we may be best known in the Midwest, we serve organizations across the nation. Since 2005, Embark has made it our goal to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients in many industries. We make it our business to understand your unique needs and apply innovative technologies to those needs.


Business leaders partner with us to strengthen the security, productivity, and collaboration within their organizations. We realize the importance of protecting your people and assets and devising technology systems that allow you to perform daily operations without interruption.


Manufacturing facilities rely on advanced technology solutions to get the job done faster, without any reduction in quality. These fast-paced operations count on Embark to provide the latest physical security and infrastructure services to keep production moving.


Custom, technology-focused solutions put retailers in a position to sell more. Our recommended systems protect storefronts and products and make doing business more efficient.


Embark prides itself on keeping your students connected and safe. We equip K-12 and higher education with the latest in device technologies, wireless systems, and device management, audiovisual systems, and physical security systems. Our experienced team of professionals implements only the best systems; providing scalable and reliable solutions to evolving and growing schools.

State and Local Government

We proudly serve the local and state governing bodies that directly impact our communities. From IT infrastructure to surveillance systems, we create solutions that keep public places secure, administration centers efficient, and audiovisual spaces effective.

Our clients benefit from Embark’s cutting edge offerings and longstanding partnerships with the best technology vendors.

We have an experienced team which can offer you every advantage in terms of price, purchase, installation, service, and asset management.

State and national procurement vehicles:
State of Iowa Target Small Business (TSB)
NASPO Value Point formerly WISCA-NASPO
National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (NCPA)
Women Owned Small Business
Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC)

Federal Government

We have served many branches of the federal government. From national parks to federal buildings, we have a track record of providing effective technologies for security, infrastructure, and audiovisual enhancement.

We understand your needs and have the sales team that will work relentlessly to meet those needs from contracting to procurement and our outstanding service team from design to maintenance and solution management after installation.

Federal procurement vehicles: