Embark provides best-in-class infrastructure to handle the most demanding workloads, seamlessly integrated with all your devices and systems.


We are proud partners with HPIntel Microsoft and Lenovo. Through these exceptional partners we offer the state-of-the-art laptops, endpoint monitoring and protection, desktops and Chromebooks. With a full suite of options, we will recommend  a device that works for everyone in your organization. We provide you the most up-to-date technology scaled to meet your needs and budget, creating a safe digital infrastructure in your business or organization.

Network Infrastructure

Embark will integrate your office to work together for top level functionality and security with wired and wireless secure networking. With the best networks available, your AV, IT, and even fire and security systems are safer and more reliable.


Data Security

Protect your data, protect your business. Over 50% of businesses have suffered a data breach or cyberattack.  We have serious tools for serious risks, offering solutions such as perimeter security, intrusion prevention, and data breach analysis and mitigation. Your data is safe when you trust Embark to create a digital infrastructure.


Cloud & Hybrid Infrastructure

Communication is key to having your organization work as efficiently as possible. You need quick, safe ways to share information. There are endless options, and we can help you choose what is right for you with solutions like cloud, virtualization and hyper convergence, storage infrastructure, monitoring and protection, and server platforms. Skip the risk and hassle of insecure options, and step into secure communication.

Cloud Partners:

On Premise Partners:

Disaster Recovery and Avoidance

Disaster, physical or virtual, can be devastating to your business. The longer you are down, the more costly the disaster will be. Let us help you recover your important data and come up with plans to protect you.  Think smart. Think ahead.