Managed IT help you rest assured that your critical IT systems are taken care of.  We customize a solution that is right for your business needs through the proper evaluation of your business technology, technology needs, and technology uses through a custom needs analysis. Embark IT can successfully manage your IT infrastructure and end-user systems, for protection and preventable issues. We provide ongoing responsibility for 24-hour monitoring of critical systems, managing, prevention and/or problem resolution for the IT systems within your business. This proactive approach to making sure your technology is working to its full potential is designed to improve operations, cut expenses and avoid outages.  Who has time to constantly deal with the world of break/fix or on-demand outsourcing model?  Ignoring equipment just because it isn’t “broke” could actually cost you more. Managed Services helps prevent catastrophic problems by reviewing technology and systems through remote back up services.

MANAGED IT = Managed Costs, Managed Risk, and Peace of Mind

Security:  Outdated technology will ultimately result in security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers, putting businesses at risk.  Older systems are often unsupported, leaving updated security patches unavailable for them.

Productivity:  Whether it is hardware or software, older applications and systems are more likely to fail than their modern counterparts.  These failures result in increases in downtime – a bane for any company.

Money:  According to the Samanage State of Workplace Survey , productivity lost due to outdated technology cost American businesses $1.8 TRILLION per year.  Outdated technology is also more expensive to maintain, resulting in additional costs over newer devices.

Reputation:  According to Microsoft, 90 percent of consumers say they would take their business elsewhere if an SMB was using outdated technology.

Managed IT Department  

In addition to partnering with Embark IT to keep your hardware up to date, we offer services to maintain your top of the line equipment in its optimal state. It used to be that having an IT person was as easy as delegating the task to someone in the office. However, in our fast-changing landscape of technology, those days are gone. Software maintenance is key to optimal productivity and reducing downtime. Intense security data breaches are happening more than ever, and the need to hire an IT department has become more and more imperative. However, hiring a qualified IT department is expensive. So, what is the solution? Outsource it.

At Embark IT we realize that you need to keep your focus and attention on your business. You shouldn’t have to overpay for staff you don’t need on a full time basis, yet you do need that level of expertise. This is where Managed IT Services become the perfect solution, and Embark IT is your perfect partner.

Hiring an IT staff member isn’t realistic for most business.  The Solution?

Managed IT Program with Embark

What does hiring your virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) with Embark look like?

The best employee you’ve ever had:

  • No sick days
  • No holidays
  • Guaranteed Response times
  • Virtual IT employee
  • Single point of contact
  • Prevent crashes and lost production time with proactive IT management
  • We can see and fix dangers before they become disasters
  • Avoid surprises
  • 24/7 Monitoring to help avoid preventable IT issues.
  • Reduce downed equipment
  • Reduce lost production
  • Reduce lost data
  • Maintain predicable IT costs

What do we do? 

  • Log monitoring and alerting
  • System availability and performance monitoring and alerting
  • Trend analysis
  • Network monitoring and availability
  • Back-up monitoring

Embark IT will ensure all your end points are covered.  We will take care of your IT so it can take care of you!

Do you need it? Ask yourself some questions.

What is your current situation?  How much time are you or other key employees spending on technology instead of income-generating activities, or their primary scope of work?  How much are you spending calling someone when your technology breaks?  How much time are you spending researching IT needs and what the best solution(s) may be? How much does it cost you when your critical systems are down?  What would happen if you lost all your organization’s most important data overnight?  What is the financial impact to your business to lose everything and not be able to recover it?

It’s simple to set up Managed Solutions:

Step 1 – Contact us! We look forward to meeting you.  We will set up a time to meet you, discuss your organizational needs and your specific solution.

Step 2 – After our initial meeting, we will work with our team to develop a customized solution for your business. It will fit your needs. Nothing more, nothing less.

We have three main service agreements that fit most businesses, but we understand there are customizations you may need. We are more than happy to accommodate.

Step 3 – Although the process of shopping for a managed services provider can feel daunting and potentially expensive, we promise you will find it extremely affordable. What is the cost of NOT securing your data and your business? Managed Services are a predictable cost that protects you from the unaffordable. Together we will review your plan. Once all is set, we will get to work and implement right away.

What are you waiting on?  Your first step and initial consultation is completely risk free!

Contact us today!

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