How prepared are you for the unexpected?

We know that you have enough on your mind, including your security concerns. Security is a serious aspect of your place of work, its contents, AND its people.

The safety of your office or school is critical for everyone coming through your doors. Your security should work as hard as you, during and after hours.  Your surveillance cameras, access control, door sensors, and intrusion control will make sure your organization is secure around the clock.

Whether you have one location to secure or multiple locations, Embark will design a solid security solution featuring top of the line equipment that you can confidently use. Our top technicians and programmers will implement your custom solution as well as monitor and maintain your system and equipment to make sure it is doing exactly what it was designed to do.

We can help secure you in the following ways:

  • Intrusion Prevention and Detection
  • Access Control
  • Theft Detection
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Monitoring Systems
  • Identity Management Solutions
  • Video Management Solutions

A special note to our educators:  No one needs to be convinced that top of the line security is important for our children. We work to make your school the best kind of school: a safe one.  We install Active Shooter Sensors, Panic Buttons, Automatic Lockdown Systems and more.

Manufacturer Partners:


If your business were broken into, are you confident that your cameras are working?

Is there space on the memory card?

Is it up to date?

Do you have security cameras?

What kind of data and customer reporting does your equipment provide you daily?

What happens when an employee leaves the company but still has a key? Or copied it?

Did you know?

  • Your security cameras can provide you more than security. With daily staff and customer data, you can uncover efficiency gaps and improve your bottom line.
  • With keyless access, if someone leaves the company, or loses a key, a few clicks can deactivate their access within seconds. If an employee accidentally loses her keycard, access to that card can be deactivated within seconds and a new one created. Make sure those “lost” cards are completely harmless and protect your company.
  • You can track who enters the building based on their keyless entry card

Want to be sure you are safe?  The best solutions start with a custom evaluation analysis of your current needs and potential areas of security risk. We will come onsite, listen to your needs, assess your current solutions and recommend options that make sense.

You need the right technology partner to ensure all of your security needs are covered. Few things are as damaging to a business as a major physical security breach. Embark is here to ensure that your people are just as safe as your data.

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